Charlotte Weber & Brandon Weber
Coldwell Banker Realty

"Charlotte and Brandon are the best!  After months and months of looking for a house with another realtor, we found our new home within weeks with Charlotte and Brandon!  They helped us narrow down the areas we wanted to live and the specific style of home we wanted, which made it easier to find the home that was right for us.  And when Charlotte knew we liked the home we ultimately bought, she immediately started working with the seller’s realtor as if the house was already ours.  Charlotte’s approach was less about what kind of offer do we need to make to get the house, and rather, this house is already theirs—all we need to do is iron out the details.  I truly believe this approach is the reason we were able to reach a quick agreement and buy our home!

Charlotte and Brandon also didn’t simply disappear after we entered escrow—in fact, they became more involved!  They scheduled all of our inspections—a general home inspector, two roof inspections, a termite inspection, and a plumbing inspection—and answered our countless, countless questions about the house buying process.  They also made sure our lender and escrow agent were all on the same page by staying in constant communications. No matter the issue, Charlotte and Brandon were always there, ready and willing to help as much as they could!  For example, when the elderly seller left a large freezer that we did not want in the house, Brandon went to the house to remove it, even though he did not have to.  It was a huge help to us and greatly appreciated as it was one less thing we had to worry about!

Finally, even though Charlotte and Brandon were incredible throughout the house-buying process and in our view, did much more than required, their client appreciation efforts are amazing!!!!  We’ve received small and large tokens of their appreciation throughout the entire process, which, in turn, made us appreciate them even more!  They really have gone above and beyond our expectations of what a real estate agent should do!  More importantly, they are great, kind people to work with!  We highly recommend Charlotte and Brandon and will definitely use them again!"

-Mandy and Matt



"After three and a half years of searching for a piece of real estate and many failed offers to match our retirement dreams of being on the beach in Southern California, we found our solution. We asked Brandon Weber to represent our needs and along with his fine abilities came Charlotte Weber. As out of state buyers we needed brokers we could trust who would go the extra mile for us. Together they worked endlessly on a variety of properties, putting together deals, setting up meetings with city planners, taking measurements and photos at each possible property and after about six months we are the satisfied owners of a small slice of paradise. Thank you Brandon and Charlotte. You are brokers with creative energy, enthusiasm and integrity"

-Marvel & Tom


Working with Charlotte and Brandon Weber was the best decision I made in my home-buying process. I found exactly the property I was looking for in my desired price range. Charlotte and Brandon took the time to get to know me as an individual, my personal values, and my long-term financial goals. They worked around the clock for me until I found my perfect home. Charlotte and Brandon are an unbeatable team; they know San Diego in and out. Over the course of the home-buying process we had built a strong and trusting relationship and when it came time to put in offers and make a purchase, I knew that with their expertise I would be getting the best possible deal on my home, and I did. Going above and beyond doesn’t start to describe the service I received from Charlotte and Brandon, even months after my purchase they are still a part of my life. If you are looking for a dynamic duo with expertise, savvy, and an all-around fun home-buying experience, this is your team of realtor.

 -Miriam T.



 "Moving to La Jolla from Kentucky was a real eye opener. High housing prices, high fire hazard areas, earthquake zones, homes with back yards that fell off into canyons. We felt overwhelmed from the start. Luckily, we found Charlotte Weber from Coldwell Banker.

Charlotte was patient as our learning curve went from nil to a level at which we felt comfortable. She was quick to point out problems with homes and willing to start over repeatedly as we searched for what she called "the perfect home."

When we found our home, the purchasing process was as complex as they come. It was fraught with unusual twists and turns that would have sent most buyers running. Charlotte never pushed, but helped us navigate the maze calling in an army of Coldwell banker resources on our behalf. Charlotte, brokers, corporate management, and attorneys guided us through the maze until literally the final hour. 

Our first night in our house, Charlotte hosted a wonderful celebration where she, involved team members at Coldwell Banker, and friends joined us in celebrating our joint efforts and tenacity.

We not only found a phenomenal agent in Charlotte, we found a friend for life. As far as Coldwell Banker-we could not be more impressed. They truly have their clients' best interest at heart and proved it every step of the way.

-Vickie and Ric



It is without reservation and with great enthusiasm that I recommend Charlotte and Brandon Weber as loyal and hard working Real Estate Agents. Both show professional leadership qualities with a proven track record of success.

Charlotte and Brandon both have comprehensive knowledge of the total business from all aspects of Real Estate. Being on the other side of the country, I could always rely on them to get the job done; Not only to company standards but to the outstanding standards they set for themselves.

Both Charlotte and Brandon’s years of experience would be a welcome to any Buyer or Seller. Their honest personality, demonstrated leadership and the ability to provide the highest quality of service makes them a great asset to Coldwell Banker.

- Anthony